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Though there is a trend in photography to specialize and hyperfocus, we believe there is strength in allowing the different disciplines to inform each other. What if your product could have the beauty, light and color of a wedding ring photo? What if the symmetry of an architectural photo could create a unique balance in a family portrait or album cover? Every shoot is an opportunity to experiment, ask unique questions, and ultimately reveal hidden truths. We believe that remixing our strengths keeps our work fresh and our excitement high.

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Wedding/Engagement Photography

Wedding and engagement shoots allow us to use all of our strengths, and we thrive under the pressure of remaining consistently creative throughout a day that contains so many critical goals. Our weddings have been featured in magazines, newspapers, wedding blogs and web sites, and, most importantly, in the homes of our clients. Each shoot yields iconic moments that will be cherished for a lifetime.

We have an entire website dedicated to our local and international wedding photography. If you’re interested in our wedding photography, please visit MoonloopWeddings.com today.

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Much like wedding and engagement photography, our portraiture work strives to show our clients at their best and most interesting. Despite doing a lot of work in the fashion industry, we are believers that people should look like who they are; we enjoy reflecting the best of who they are back to them. We work with an award-winning hair and makeup team and have access to a number of stunning and little-known locations. We are the go-to team for a number of magazines, record labels and tourism sites.

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Architecture/Real Estate Photography

One of the most challenging forms of photography is the detail and geometry of architectural photography.  Straight lines, accurate color and creative point-of-view are critical when trying to identify interest and inspire action in commerical buildings and homes. We bring the latest technology, both on site and in the editing process to our architectural work. We’ve been told by real estate agents that their properties consistently sell much faster with our work.

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Event Coverage

Event photography can often be bland and flat. We take an eye for detail inspired by our wedding work to capture the subtle moments that make an event special. Whether it’s a concert, annual meeting, awards banquet or wine tasting–every event has moments that define them as unique, and we strive to deliver a create vision for the event.

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Food Photography and other Products

Our product and food photography is defined by our ability to light a scene. Colors and light applied to food or products allow us to enhance, refine and sculpt an object. Our wedding ring photos are a constant focal point for that work, and it is inspired by the work we do with product photography (and vice versa).

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Travel/Location Photography for Advertising

Perhaps more than any other discipline, our travel / location photography is informed by our curiosity. Whether it be a nature shoot for a magazine, a creative landscape for an album cover, or a dramatic portrait enhanced by a stunning location, travel photography allows us to use the world as our palette.